MOTORCYCLE GLOVES: Textile or Leather. Which One is Best?

MOTORCYCLE GLOVES: Textile or Leather.

Which One is Best?


The fact is, there is no firm answer to that question. It would be determined by entirely on what you want, which one you are comfortable with and the purpose for which you'll be using it. Motorcycle Gloves are part of the gear that you will need. Not only do the gloves keep you safe in the event of a crash, but they are also handy for riders that have sweaty hands. So here, we will be figuring out together which one of these could be giving you the most comfortable and the one you really want for a ride.

The Pros and Cons When out of the Road:

Let’s evaluate a few ranges where we can distinguish true practical differences between leather and textile Gloves.


Leather has developed the iconic material of motorcycle gear. Leather is particularly abrasion resistant and keeps your skin well from harsh weather conditions (sun, wind, etc.)

Pros: Holds up in high heat situations, highly abrasion resistant, can often be reused after an accident and provides a better fit than textiles.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable in hot climates, not always suitable for off-road riding, harder to wash, difficult to waterproof and tends to be the most expensive material for gear.

Synthetic Textiles:

Synthetic textiles are typically made of ballistic nylon and can also be an excellent choice for both street and off-road riding.

Pros: Abrasion resistant, less bulky than leather, easy to waterproof, typically cheaper than leather, washable, often comes with thermal liners for cold weather riding, well vented for comfortable riding in warm temperatures, and protects you from most harsh weather conditions (sun, wind, etc.)

Cons: tends to have less of a stylish appearance than leather (function over form), often doesn’t fit as well as leather gear, and is not as abrasion resistant as leather



In general, leather has much better abrasion resistance and will fit more comfortably because it molds to your hands, but textile tends to stand up to extreme weather conditions a lot better. If you're a big adventure or exploring rider, and you expect to be dealing with a lot of moisture and variations in climate, we'd probably direct you toward textile gloves. Otherwise, leather gloves are typically the go-to choice.

Also, style and appearance is a factor. Again, if you're an escapade/touring rider or a dirt rider, most of your gear is likely textile, and you'll probably want your gloves to match. Cruiser riders and sport bike riders on the other hand will almost constantly opt for leather gloves.

Now you know how important it’s for the safety and comfort of your hands to have a good pair of gloves. No matter you’re a hobbyist or pro rider, you need the type of gloves that will satisfy your particular needs. Wearethebikerstore have collected the best gloves for your easy shopping. Check website now:

We love to hear your idea or experiences using the kind of Gloves you have. Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

MOTORCYCLE GLOVES: Textile or Leather. Which One is Best?

Apr, 30

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